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Heaven in a Tourniquet

One More Time For Me Pt. 7


bri/stef lovers

You have reached placebobitch's creative journal. It will be full of band fanfiction and random pieces of artwork. There will be lots of slash and sexual encounters. None of the people in my stories belong to me with the exception of Ben, Clémantine, Marguerite and Claude. I only write for fun and the enjoyment of others, so please don't sue me!


One More Time For Me Pt. 7

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bri/stef lovers
Title: One More Time For Me
Fandom: Placebo
Pairing: Bri/OC
Rating: NC-17
Notes: A massive massive fic that took me over a year to write. I've divided it into parts to make it easier to read.
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Sunday 3rd April:

2 weeks, 4 days and 10 hours later

It had been three weeks. Three weeks since the first night they were together. Three blissful weeks of being with Ben.

Brian smiled to himself as he sat in the now familiar kitchen, receiving his first nicotine fix of the day. Ben had rather grudgingly dragged himself to work, as he had taken the last three weeks off due to “family problems”. He had finally realised he had to go back sooner or later, as he did actually need to money to live. Brian had stayed in their warm bed for a while longer until boredom and cravings had dragged him downstairs. Seeing as it was their three-week anniversary he had decided to take Ben out somewhere nice that evening. His plans consisted of a meal in a nice seafront restaurant, which had been thoughtfully recommended by Clémantine, and then a late night film to round off the evening. A three-week anniversary may have seemed like a strange choice to celebrate, but Brian knew by the next week he would be back in London. And depending on how the night’s events went, Ben may or may not be joining him. Tonight was going to be the night when he declared those three little words. It sounded soppy, but the time seemed right and Brian wanted Ben to know how he finally felt. The subject of Brian’s career still hadn’t been broached though, and maybe tonight was the best time to try and explain.

Brian sighed as he got to his feet, and went off in search of a warm shower and some clean clothes. Half of his wardrobe was now residing at Ben’s house, as was the same with Ben’s clothes and the guesthouse. They had been alternating between the two places, spending every night in each other’s embrace.

Finally clothed and ready to face the outside world, Brian stepped out of the house, carefully locking the door behind him. He set off on the short journey to Clémantine’s house as he had promised to go and see her. He had barely knocked on the door when a very excitable Clémantine launched herself at him, grabbing his arm and dragging him inside. She pushed him back onto the sofa and flung herself down next to him, a massive grin plastered across her face. Brian simply stared at her as though she had sprouted a pair of wings, her excitement at this time of the morning was too much for him to comprehend.

“Well? Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m so happy?” She demanded after a few moments of shocked silence from Brian’s end of the sofa.

“You’re going to tell me anyway..” Brian replied. She huffed impatiently then continued.

“Yeh good point.. Well I’ve met someone!”

“Wow that’s great!” Brian said, his mood evidently brightening. “So who is it?”

“His name is Nicolas” Clémantine replied, beaming. Brian stared at her for a moment as though she had gone mad.

“Err Clém..” he began after a while, unsure of how to phrase his question.

“I’m only joking you idiot.” She replied as she let out a laugh and Brian heaved a sigh of relief. “His name is Luc and I met him at the pub two nights ago”

“Two nights? So how come you didn’t tell me yesterday?” Brian asked, pulling an expression of mock rejection.

“You were too busy fucking Ben” Clémantine replied curtly as she poked her tongue out.

“Good point..” Brian said, smiling slightly as the memories from the previous day came drifting back to him. Clémantine waved her hand in front of him impatiently in a vague attempt to bring him back to reality.

“I was telling you about my hot new guy, Brian.” she said, as his attention finally came back to her.

“Oh yeh sorry. Got a bit distracted. So have you arranged to meet again?” Brian asked curiously.

“Of course!” Clémantine grinned, “Tonight, except he won’t tell me where he’s taking me.” She pouted, poking at the nearest cushion.

“I’m sure it will be lovely and romantic” Brian reassured her. She smiled back at him gratefully.

“Yeh, it will. He’s so lovely!” she gushed, “Speaking of which, haven’t you got your anniversary date with Ben tonight?”

“Yup. I’m so fucking scared, tonight is when I tell him.” Brian replied, chewing on his bottom lip as he remembered the coming evening.

“Tell him what?” Clémantine asked, looking confused. Brian sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Has all this soppy shit gone to your brain or something? I’m telling him those three words you know?” he explained as if to a child. Clémantine simply stared back at him, feigning ignorance. Really she just wanted to hear Brian say the words out loud.

“That I love him..” he replied, finally giving in. Clémantine squealed once more and threw herself at Brian, knocking him sideways onto the sofa.

“Oh my god! You love Ben!” she giggled into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Brian nearly choked as her hands unintentionally tightened around his throat, and he struggled to sit back up again.

“Of course I do” he spluttered as he massaged his sore throat. Clémantine looked up at him, still keeping her grip on his shoulders.

“Why haven’t you said anything before then?” she asked.

“I dunno, I just wanted to wait until I was sure he felt the same way.” Brian explained, shrugging his shoulders and swatting Clémantine’s hands off him.

“Oh Ben feels the same way alright. He doesn’t stop talking about you when we’re alone.” She replied, grinning at him. Brian felt his cheeks burn red as he smiled back at her.

“Really?” he asked, slightly disbelievingly. Clémantine climbed off the sofa and turned to look at him.

“Seriously, I’m starting to get sick of hearing about you” she laughed, and made her way into the kitchen.

“Coffee while you’re up” Brian called after her, taking her indignant silence as a yes. He stared at the evil yellow wall opposite him, allowing his own thoughts to take over. Obviously thoughts of Ben. What else was there to think about when he spent his days and nights with a gorgeously sexy guy? Tonight was going to be fine. No scrap that, tonight was going to be perfect. He would sweep Ben off his feet, declare his undying love, reveal all his secrets and ask him to live with him forever and ever. Well maybe not quite like that. Maybe a little less fairy-tale like.

Brian smiled up at Clémantine as she re-appeared in the room and handed him a coffee.

“What were you thinking about? You were staring at that wall pretty intently, and I don’t think it’s that interesting..” she asked as she sat back down next to him.

“Ben..” Brian admitted, taking a sip of his drink.

“Well there’s a surprise..” Clémantine rolled her eyes at him.

“Well he was the last topic of conversation” Brian protested feebly, “And anyway I need to ask you something about him.”

“Oh?” she replied curiously.

“Well it’s to do with me too. You see, I have to go back to London on Thursday.” Brian said, trailing off towards the end.

“How long for?” Clémantine asked, her brow furrowing.

“Indefinitely. As in my holiday ends on Thursday..” he explained quietly.

Clémantine stared at him in silent disbelief.

“But.. but what about you and Ben?” she asked once she had regained her speaking abilities.

“Well that’s what I need to ask you. I want him to come back with me.” Brian replied, keeping her gaze.

“What, like to live?” Clémantine said quietly.

“Yeh. Do you think he would? Is it a good idea?” Brian asked, stumbling on his words in his haste to reply.

“Of course it’s a good idea. You are both in love and you seem perfect for each other. It would be stupid to throw away something like that.” Clémantine replied, smiling slightly as she rested her hand on Brian’s shoulder.

“But do you think he would say yes?” Brian voiced his main concern, his expression showing his feelings.

“I don’t know.” Clémantine sighed in response, “I suppose the only way to find out is to ask him. When were you going to?”

“Tonight. I have some other stuff I need to sort out so it seems like the opportune moment.” Brian replied.

“Well let me know what he says. A teary eyed Ben turning up on my doorstep tomorrow morning could mean either.” Clémantine joked in an effort to lighten the mood. Brian smiled weakly, before throwing his arms around her.

“I’m going to miss you.” He confessed, pulling her close and sniffling into her shoulder.

“Me too.” Clémantine mumbled into his neck, a few tears dampening his shirt. “And Ben. If he says yes I’ll have to find a new best friend.” Brian giggled slightly at the mental image of Clémantine running around the village asking people to be her friends.

“Or you could just waste a lot of money on travel costs to visit us in London every weekend.” He replied trying to stifle his giggles, as they seemed inappropriate.

“I can come and visit?” Clémantine sniffed, looking up at him.

“Of course. I wasn’t just going to leave you here.” Brian smiled at her. She wiped her hands across her cheeks and sat up, still sniffing slightly.

“It’s going to be strange without you here.” She admitted, taking a sip of her coffee without realising it had gone cold.

“I know, but we’ll manage.” Brian replied, rubbing her arm comfortingly. “Now, shall we get some chocolate and start getting ready for tonight?”

“Of course!” Clémantine grinned, back to her usual perky self. “Though it’s a shame you don’t have any nice designer dresses I can borrow.”

Brian smiled to himself as he thought of his abandoned 1998 wardrobe back home.

“Ok so everything’s ready? What time do you have to be at the restaurant?” Clémantine asked as she walked down the road alongside Brian.

“Uhm, half seven. And I’m pretty sure everything is set.” He replied after thinking carefully.

“Ok, just don’t do something stupid like fall over or spill food on him and you should be fine.” Clémantine instructed severely, before laughing at the concerned look on Brian’s face.

“I’ll try not to.” Brian grinned and pulled her into a hug as they reached the end of the road where they were to go their own separate ways.

“Now you have a good time tonight, and I’ll call you first thing in the morning.” He instructed.

“Yes mother.” Clémantine poked her tongue out and waved as she started walking in the opposite direction.

Brian briskly walked the few minutes to the café, and smiled as he saw Ben was just stepping outside. He swiftly wrapped his arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Mmm” Ben mumbled, “Missed me?”

“Of course.” Brian replied truthfully, linking their fingers as they set off back towards Ben’s house.

“How did you manage 8 hours without me?” Ben grinned.

“I slept.” Brian said as he poked his tongue out.

“God I wish I could have slept. It was hell leaving you in that bed this morning. You looked so adorable lying there with your hair all messed up.” Ben smiled as he recalled the memory.

“Well you can’t sleep tonight. I’ve booked you!” Brian protested, causing Ben to laugh.

“Yes you have, and I intend to stay awake for it.” He smiled as they reached his front door.

Brian giggled as he pushed Ben into the shower cubicle.

"Now you get washed and I have an outfit chosen for you when you come out." he instructed as he turned on the jet of hot water. Ben shot him a coy look from half closed eyes, delicately trailing his fingers along Brian's arm.

"Don't you want to join me?" he asked teasingly. Brian let his eyes flicker shut for a few seconds, absorbing the pleasurable sensation of his lover’s touch gently caressing his skin.

"I can't." he murmured, "I have to go and get ready." He used all of his effort to step away from the cubicle and towards the door, smiling softly at the figure stood under the cascade of water. Brian could almost see Ben's pout burning into his back as he walked back into the bedroom. Funny how they had picked up little characterisms from each other over the past few weeks.

It didn't take long at all for him to get ready for once, although he had to apply his eyeliner twice as his hand had been shaking. Brian chastised himself for being so nervous and tried to appear calm, but the butterflies pounding around in his stomach didn't seem to help. He breathed a sigh of relief as Ben stepped out of the bathroom clad in only a towel, as it distracted his mind from its torturous thoughts. Ben's hair was tousled and dark from the moisture, and he smelt of the delicious shower gel they had picked out in a shop the previous day. Brian smiled as he remembered the perfect creature in front of him was his, and he slid his arms around his waist, softly kissing the warm skin. Ben locked his own arms around the smaller mans shoulders, burying his face in his short hair and they stood in a silent embrace for what seemed like forever.

"Hey" he whispered in his ear. "We need to get ready."

"Mmm we have to leave at quarter past seven." Brian replied, reminding himself of the time. He lifted his head to look at Ben, his chin resting on his bare chest.

"I'm so glad we met you know." He added as his lips curved into a smile.

"Me too Brian." Ben said, losing himself in the curious blue green mix of his eyes. They pulled away from the warm confines of the embrace grudgingly and Brian led Ben over to the bed. Lain out on the covers was the outfit he had chosen and Ben willingly pulled the clothes over his cool skin. It was a simple combination of dark blue jeans and a white shirt, something that Brian loved to see him in.

By the time quarter past seven came around, they were both dressed and ready to leave. Brian offered out his arm to Ben as they walked out of the house and towards the cab waiting on the road.

"Isn't the man meant to offer his arm to the lady?" Ben teased as they climbed into the back of the cab, earning himself a deft slap on the arm. The cab driver raised an eyebrow at their antics, but drove off in silence to the destination that Brian had previously instructed.

"Oh and would you prefer if it I was a lady?" Brian replied, pouting slightly.

"Not at all." Ben said, wrapping his arm around his shoulder in an attempt to make him smile. "I lo.. like you just the way you are."

Brian smiled shyly to himself as he noticed Ben's slip up. It gave him more confidence as it slightly reassured him that Ben really did feel the same way.

"You've gone a bit quiet?" Ben probed after about ten minutes into the journey. His voice jolted Brian's attention from the rolling landscapes outside the window back to him.

"Oh hm? Yeh I was just thinking." Brian explained quietly, when really he had been mentally plotting his conversation for the next few hours.

"So where are we going?" Ben asked, trying to catch him off guard. He had been inquiring to their evening’s destination all day, but to no avail.

"Not telling. You'll find out when we get there." Brian replied promptly, laughing at the look on Ben's face.

"But.. we must be nearly there." Ben protested and attempted to look pitiful.

"Well then you'll find out even sooner." Brian said unrelentlessly. Ben sat back and tried his hardest to pout, but it was extremely difficult when he felt so content. He eventually gave up and rested his chin on Brian's shoulder, staring out of the window with him. He slowly slid his other hand across his waist, letting it come to a rest on his stomach. Brian sighed in contentment as he shifted back against Ben slightly.

"Its a lovely evening." Ben commented, gazing at the orange sun that was just beginning to set on the horizon, causing a multitude of colours to dance across the waters surface.

"Mmm." Brian mumbled softly, too engrossed in the feeling of Ben's fingers tickling across the skin on his stomach to reply properly.

"It will be beautiful when it's summer. You'll love it, the weather gets so nice." Ben continued, his voice taking on a dreamy aspect. Brian felt a slight pang of guilt as he realised he wouldn't be there, and the feeling worsened when he realised he was going to ask Ben to leave all this behind. It was a bit of a contrast moving from the picturesque south of France to grotty London. The cab came to a halt before he could think anymore on the matter though, and they both stepped out in front of the restaurant. Brian quickly paid the driver before walking inside with Ben.

They waited quietly while the hostess found their booking and then led them to a small table by a large window. Ben gasped as he sat down, as the view onto the sea front was magnificent.

“How did you manage to find this restaurant?” he asked, slightly amazed and taken aback by the perfection of their setting.

“Well I er.. might have had a bit of help from Clémantine on that part.” Brian confessed, accepting his menu from the young waitress that had just appeared. Ben simply smiled back at him.

“Thank you. It’s perfect.” He said, before opening his menu to study the selection of meals. Brian quickly ordered a bottle of the house white wine and then set about inspecting his own menu.

“Mm it all looks lovely. I can’t decide what I want.” Ben commented. “What are you having?”

Brian quickly read down the list once more before replying.

“Hmm.. I think I’ll go for the salmon steak.” He decided, folding his menu and placing it back down on the table.

“Well I think I’ll just trust your judgement and have the same.” Ben laughed as he crossed his arms on the tabletop. They sat in silence as they waited for the waitress to return with their wine, just content to be in each other’s company and admire the view. The sun had nearly set on the horizon and had turned the whole sky a beautiful dusky pink colour. The smooth rolling sound of the waves hitting the beach created a calming backdrop, and the last few people left on the sand were just starting to pack away. It all just seemed too peaceful for words, that is until the waitress broke the spell by arriving with the wine. Brian placed their main orders while Ben poured a generous glassful each.

“So.. did you have fun at work today?” Brian asked, striking up a conversation.

“Oh loads of fun,” Ben rolled his eyes sarcastically. “And I bet you did nothing all day?”

“No actually, I got up around 2 to go and see Clémantine.” Brian replied, poking his tongue out in triumph.

“Going to Clémantine’s doesn’t count.” Ben protested as he took a gulp of his wine.

“And why not?” Brian asked.

“Because it’s 2 minutes away from my house!” Ben replied indignantly.

“So? I still did something.” Brian argued, smiling sweetly at Ben.

“Ok ok.” Ben admitted defeat with a sigh as he held his hands up, “So how is she anyway?”

“Still as nuts as ever.” Brian grinned in response. “She’s got a date with some guy tonight.”

“Who?” Ben asked curiously and Brian detected a slight hint of jealously in his voice.

“Luc. She met him in the pub two nights ago.” He replied.

“And why haven’t we heard about Luc before?” Ben inquired quickly, causing Brian to grin as he remembered Clémantine’s response to the question.

“Apparently we were too busy fucking.” He smirked. Ben let out a short laugh.

“Is that all she thinks we do?” he said, a smile plastered on his face.

“Well it is, isn’t it?” Brian grinned cheekily. Ben leant back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest.

“No, we go out for lovely meals as well.” He replied, his voice taking on a softer tone.

“Mm yes we do.” Brian replied, keeping Ben’s gaze intently. “But mostly fucking.” He added as an afterthought, causing Ben to erupt into a fit of giggles. The other people in the restaurant looked at them curiously as they tried to compose themselves. Luckily they were saved any embarrassing silences by the waitress returning with their food. She placed a small basket of bread in the middle of their table, and then each of their dishes in turn. A comfortable hush fell over the table as they ate contentedly, occasionally pausing for more wine and light conversation.

The plates had just been cleared away and the desserts ordered when Brian placed his wine glass down on the table. He coughed softly to break the silence and Ben looked up at him with mild curiosity. Brian reached across the table to grasp his hand, and ran his thumb over the smooth skin thoughtfully before speaking.

“As you might have guessed, I planned tonight for our 3 week anniversary. 3 weeks may seem a strange choice of celebration, but I have reasons which I will explain to you in due time. Mostly I asked you here because I wanted to tell you something very important.” Brian said slowly and carefully, pausing as he contemplated the right words. Ben's face turned from curious to confused, to doubt, though Brian didn't seem to notice.

“In the few weeks I’ve gotten to know you, I can honestly say you are one of the most lovely, caring and generous people I have ever met. And I really can’t imagine not being with you. I’m so glad that I chose now to run away to France on a hiatus. Basically what I’m trying to say is.. I.. I love you.” Brian ended with a shaky breath, chewing his bottom lip as he looked at Ben in apprehension. For a moment he thought he had made a huge mistake, and that Ben was either going to laugh at him or storm out of the restaurant. But his worries soon turned to relief, as a smile slowly grew across Ben's face.

“I love you too.” Ben replied softly, gripping Brian's hand in his. They just smiled at each other in silent disbelief. Brian leant over the table towards Ben, softly pressing their lips together for a short, sweet kiss. He pulled back slightly, still smiling, and ran his thumb across Ben's cheek.

“I.. I have something else I need to tell you too.” he started hesitantly. Ben just smiled at him, seemingly ready to accept anything he was about to be told. Brian opened his mouth to talk, but was quickly interrupted by a loud cry. He sat back in shock and looked around for the source of the disruption.

Brian turned around and caught a glimpse of Clémantine at the end of the restaurant, with who he supposed was a harassed looking Luc in tow. She called out to them again as she drew nearer to the table, as if they hadn’t already realised who it was.

“Well what are the chances?” she said, smiling broadly as she reached them. “Mind if we join you?” Brian and Ben didn’t really have a chance to reply though, as she pulled out a chair on the table next to them. Luc didn’t seem very happy at the idea, but obviously didn’t really have a choice in the matter and so sat down as well.

“Brian, Ben, this is Luc.” She announced, showing him off proudly. They waved their greetings a little uncomfortably and turned back to Clémantine.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything..” she asked, noting their silence.

“Oh no, not at all.” Brian replied quickly, attempting to smile.

“Soo.. did you discuss anything important?” Clémantine prompted, looking eagerly at Ben.

“Brian loves me!” Ben said, smiling shyly. Clémantine beamed and threw her arms around the pair.

“Awww it’s so lovely!” she said happily once Ben and Brian had been let go of. Luc coughed quietly to get their attention.

“Erm.. are you two.. a couple?” he asked cautiously.

“Of course we are.” Brian remarked, noting the look of slight antipathy on Luc’s face. “Would we just be two good friends having an intimate dinner and proclaiming our love to each other?” he continued, with a slight edge to his voice. Luc just shrugged his shoulders as he tried to keep his expression blank.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Brian asked. Ben put his hand on his arm as he sensed that conflict was nearing.

“Just leave it.” He whispered into Brian’s ear. “We don’t want to ruin our evening.”

“Well yes, I do have a problem actually.” Luc responded. “I don’t mind gays as long as they don’t flaunt it. I don’t want to see this when I go out you know.”

“Flaunt it?! So I’m not allowed to kiss my boyfriend in public because it disgusts you?” Brian said angrily, his voice rising slightly.

“Come on Clémantine. Lets go somewhere else.” Luc said as he turned to her. Clémantine just stared at him blankly.

“Ben is my best friend, and he’s gay. I don’t think I really want to be seeing a homophobic person.” She explained slowly, staying seated while Luc got to his feet. He stared at her for a second, as if he almost expected her to change her mind. But sensing no acquiescence from Clémantine, he finally gave in and left without a word.

Clémantine watched him walk out of the restaurant and then gave a sigh and turned back to Brian and Ben, who had been sat watching the whole scene in shock.

“I’m so sorry Clém, you should have gone with him. We shouldn’t have ruined your date.” Ben apologised sincerely.

“No it’s not your fault at all. I wouldn’t have gone with that homophobic twat anyway… I thought he seemed so nice as well.” She replied, looking evidently disappointed at her night. Ben gazed at Brian, obviously trying to figure out some way to comfort his friend. Eventually it was Brian who broke through the silence.

“Look, our dinner is nearly finished now. We’re just waiting for the dessert and then we were going to go and see a film. Why don’t you join us? You could certainly do with some cheering up.” He asked Clémantine, waiting carefully for her response.

“Are you sure that’s ok?” she inquired, turning from Brian to Ben.

“Of course. It’s the least we could do after the shitty evening you’ve just had.” Ben replied as he smiled encouragingly at her.

“Ok.” She agreed, leaning over to wrap her arms around Ben’s shoulders. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” He replied, rubbing her arm soothingly before picking the dessert menu back up. “Now who’s for some ice cream?”

By the time they arrived at the cinema, Clémantine’s mood seemed to have lightened quite a lot. They paid for tickets for some mindless action film and took their seats at the back. But to be honest they didn’t pay much attention to the film, instead they threw popcorn at each other and giggled at the ludicrous acting. Ben took the opportunity of a particularly impressive stunt that Clémantine seemed very engrossed in to ask Brian something that had been on his mind.

“What were you going to say earlier just before Clémantine and Luc arrived?” he asked as he twisted his hand around Brian’s.

“Oh that..” Brian said, furrowing his brow as he remembered, “Er I’d rather not say here. It’s something I want to discuss with you before Clémantine hears about it..”

“Ok. Was it important?” Ben probed.

“Yeh I think so. I’ll talk to you later about it?” Brian reasoned.

“Ok.” Ben agreed, before leaning closer to him. “Thank you for tonight, it’s been perfect. I’m going to repay you when we get home.”

“Oh? And how are you going to repay me?” Brian asked curiously, raising his eyebrow.

“You’ll see..” Ben replied mysteriously as he winked at him. He leant forward, allowing their lips to lightly brush together before pulling back teasingly. Brian pouted up at him then slipped his hand around his neck. He deftly pulled Ben towards him again, allowing their mouths to meet properly. Their tongues lustfully collided as Ben’s arms started an exploration of Brian’s back.

“Oh come on guys!” Clémantine said indignantly from beside them. “It may be sweet, but stop putting me off my film!” she joked as she sent a handful of popcorn in their direction.

They film was over fairly quickly, to the relief of Ben who had been getting quite bored with it. They stumbled out of the cinema giggling, Brian and Clémantine re-enacting some of the more cringe-worthy moments whilst Ben attempted to pick popcorn off his clothes. He managed to find a cab quite quickly, and they were soon comfortably on their way back home. Clémantine looked up from her position sprawled out across their laps and smiled at the two men.

“You guys are so lovely together.” She grinned, watching as Ben slid his arm around Brian’s shoulders. “Don’t.. don’t ever change.” She said, hesitating slightly.

“Why would we change?” Ben asked her with a puzzled look on his face. Clémantine shrugged her shoulders, but cast a meaningful glance at Brian.

The cab came to halt outside Clémantine’s house, and Ben made sure it waited while they watched her reach the safety of her front door. They arrived at Ben’s house soon after, and Brian paid the cab driver while Ben went ahead to fumble with the front door. He had managed to overcome the obstacle by the time Brian joined him, and together they stepped into the dimly lit hallway.

“I do believe you had promised to repay me?” Brian purred, running his hands along Ben’s arm.

“Hmm, did I?” Ben replied teasingly, allowing himself to be drawn into the embrace.

“Yes you did. And I intend to see to it that you carry out that promise.” Brian said as he rapidly closed the space between their faces. Unusually it was Ben who made the first move, pressing his lips firmly against Brian’s and smiling as he heard a slight mumble of protest. Their hands swept over each other in an effort to find something to cling to as Brian pressed his body tightly against Bens, allowing their tongues to twist together. The sensations were just reaching dizzying heights when Ben pulled away, leaving a frustrated Brian clearly wanting more.

Ben sauntered off towards the kitchen with a satisfied smirk on his face.

“Go on upstairs and make yourself comfortable, I just need to get some supplies. I’ll be up in a second.” He said. Brian turned and put one foot on the bottom step before pausing.

“Ben..” he called after the figure disappearing through the doorway.

“What?” Ben asked, stepping back slightly so he could see Brian.

“I love you.” Brian said, the dim lighting not being able to disguise his smile. Ben smiled back at him, just gazing at his features for a moment.

“I love you too.” He replied softly and watched as Brian contentedly bounded up the staircase.

Brian soon reached the familiar confines of Ben’s bedroom, and paused by the side of the bed in thought. He wasn’t sure whether or not to strip because he didn’t know what Ben had planned for him. He eventually settled for just removing his shirt, and stretched out on top of the bed on his back. A cool breeze played in through the open window sending shivers across his bare stomach, and his fingers absentmindedly found themselves massaging some warmth into his belly. Ben stepped into the room, smiling at the sight before him and attempting to hide a tray behind his back.

“What have you got?” Brian asked, craning his neck slightly to try and get a better view.

“Oh nothing.” Ben replied innocently as he slid the tray on top of a chest of drawers, out of Brian’s line of sight. He quickly crossed the room and joined Brian on the bed, leaning down to kiss him softly. Brian hooked an arm around his side, pulling him across on top of him. Their mouths pushed together a little more insistently and the kisses grew more intense as they became more aroused. Brian’s hands were just in the process of attempting to remove Ben’s top when he suddenly sat up.

“I was thinking maybe you want to try something a little different tonight, for my repayment.” He hinted casually, smiling down at Brian from his position astride his hips.

“I’m all yours, baby.” Brian replied, watching in curiosity as Ben reached for something on the bedside table. He slid his hands up Ben’s shirt as he turned back holding a silk blindfold.

“Ooh kinky.” Brian smiled, teasing his fingers across his lover’s chest. Ben waited for a few seconds for approval, and upon the careful incline of Brian’s head he leant down and tied it over his eyes.

Brian’s view was plunged into darkness as the cool silk was pulled taut around his face. He felt a weight shift on the bed by his feet as Ben got up, and every hair on his body stood on end as he waited with desperate anticipation for whatever Ben had planned. He found his four remaining senses had increased as his ears were picking up any slight sound that Ben was making at the other side of the room. Brian relaxed slightly as he heard soft footsteps towards the bed, and held his breath waiting for the first touch. Ben stood and watched him for a moment, spread out waiting for him, his muscles tensed in blind expectation. Then he slowly reached down, a feather light stroke of his hand grazing Brian’s cheek. Brian’s whole body quivered under his touch and Ben drew back briefly to pull his own top off. He quickly climbed onto the bed, placing one knee either side of Brian’s thighs and leaning forward slightly. He ran his hands along the exposed flesh in one smooth movement, gripping his shoulders as he reached them. Brian’s breath caught in his throat as he felt Ben’s body heat radiating so close to his chest and he blindly reached out with his arms. They made contact with Ben’s skin, quickly wrapping around his back and pulling their bodies closer. Ben pressed his lips to Brian’s chest, receiving an appreciative growl. He flicked out his tongue to taste the salty skin and dragged the tip down the middle. Brian’s back arched under his touch, his impaired sight increasing the sensation and making it seem a lot more erotic. A gasp escaped his lips as Ben worked his way down, sucking and kissing the smooth skin. He had just reached the waistband of his jeans and was playing with the button when the weight shifted off Brian and he was alone on the bed again.

“Ben?” he called out tentatively, obviously frustrated at the sudden lack of contact.

“Yeh I’m still here Bri.” Ben replied from somewhere near the door.

“What are you doing?” Brian asked curiously.

“Hmm just getting something, I’ll be right over.” Ben answered. Brian stretched out lightly, once again catching the faint breeze across his bare skin. Ben quickly crossed the room again and sat down on the bed next to Brian’s side. Brian felt something smooth and cold touch his lips, and he jumped slightly at the unexpected sensation. It glided across his skin, leaving a damp cold trail behind it. Brian allowed his tongue to dart out over his lips and recognised the taste of vanilla ice cream. He smiled as he licked the cream away and caught the unmistakable aroma of strawberries. Ben pushed the fruit against his mouth once more, and Brian willingly bit into it, dribbling some juice across his chin. Ben leant forward to catch the escaping rivulets with his tongue, gently teasing Brian with every lick before reaching up to kiss him. Their tongues mingled together, infused with the taste of strawberries and passion in their desperation to be close. They broke away, gasping for breath and Brian blindly oblivious to the obvious state of arousal that his partner was now in. Ben sat up slightly, and Brian gasped as the cold tip of another strawberry circled his nipple. The other received the same treatment as the icy cold touch relentlessly teased the small piece of flesh to erectness. Ben continued with his trail of ice cream further down Brian’s chest, pausing to dip some ice cream in his navel. He reached the waistband of his jeans and continued his work undoing the button. Brian moaned lightly as Ben brushed against his erect cock through the strained material, the sensation of feeling someone but not being able to see them was beyond description. Ben made light work of the jeans and they were quickly tossed in a heap on the floor. He dipped the end of the strawberry in some more ice cream and smeared it just above the material of Brian’s boxers. He leant down slowly and lapped at the cream, causing Brian to shudder underneath him at the combined hot and cold sensations. Ben hooked his fingers under the waistband and slowly pulled them off, sitting back for a moment to admire his lover’s naked perfection. His fingers absentmindedly moved across to trail lightly up Brian’s cock, causing contact with the skin for only the briefest of moments. Brian let out a low moan as he pushed his hips upwards, desperately attempting to receive more contact. Ben chuckled softly as he licked the ice-cream laden spoon and swirled the cool liquid around his mouth. He bent down and placed a light kiss on the inside of Brian's thigh, the icy touch of his lips sending shivers across his skin. He slowly continued upwards, kissing and licking at the waiting flesh, his cold tongue causing all manner of noises from Brian.

Ben swallowed another mouthful of ice cream before leaning forward and placing a kiss on the underside of Brian’s cock. His lover gasped in appreciation at the sensation and begged for more, causing Ben to smile slightly. He licked along the whole length before taking it in his mouth in one smooth stroke. Brian moaned loudly at the tantalising mix of hot and cold in Ben’s mouth and he arched his back impulsively. Ben played it by ear as he used the techniques that Brian had used on him before, remembering the sensations that had made him gasp and squirm. He flicked his tongue around the head as he pulled upwards before plunging down again relentlessly and working up a smooth rhythm. Brian’s hands found their way to Ben and tangled through his hair, urging him to go faster as his moans and gasps grew louder. Brian was in ecstasy as Ben’s hot mouth devoured him completely, the slight cold tinge from the ice cream making him shiver in delight. The fact that he couldn’t see anything just heightened the sensation, as he was completely oblivious to Ben’s next touch. He felt his orgasm growing nearer as Ben’s seemingly expert tongue flicked along his length. All other thoughts were pushed out of his mind as the incredible pressure at the base of his spine grew, sending spasms of delight over his body.

“Ben.. oh fuck Ben, I’m going to come.” He moaned breathily as he increased his grip in his hair. Ben smiled slightly and continued. He desperately wanted to please Brian and to taste him, to feel him completely be at mercy under his touch. Brian moaned loudly as he came, calling out Ben’s name and gasping for breath. Hot, white liquid shot into Ben’s mouth and he swallowed it on instinct, licking his lips as he pulled away. Ben could feel his own throbbing erection now begging for release, and he quickly pulled his own jeans and underwear off before climbing across Brian’s slick body. He kissed him desperately, plunging his tongue into his mouth and pushing his erection against his hip to let him know he still needed to come.

“Brian..” he whispered in his ear, “Can I fuck you?”

Brian growled softly at the words and felt the blood rushing to his groin again.

“Fuck me hard, baby.” He replied, groping blindly for Ben’s face. He slid his arms round his neck and pulled him down for another bruising kiss, letting their bodies press tightly together. Ben sat up slightly and was about to search through the bedside table for the necessaries when he felt Brian’s light touch on his arm. He turned back, slightly concerned.

“I want to see you.” Brian said as he indicated to his blindfold. Ben smiled softly and leant forward to untie it. He pulled it off and Brian blinked in the low light, waiting for his eyes to adjust. Ben resumed his search and eventually found a condom and a small tube of lube kept handy beside the bed. He turned back to Brian, smiling at the lustful gaze in his eyes and ripped open the packet. He rolled it over his hard cock and gasped at the long needed friction. He smeared some lube over his hands and quickly rubbed it along his length, before preparing Brian.

“Ben..” Brian whined softly, shifting slightly in his uncomfortable situation. “Please?”

Ben didn’t need asking twice as he lined himself up and thrust in forcefully. He moaned at the intense heat and started to move quickly, knowing that he wasn’t going to last very long. He rocked his hips vigorously as his hand snaked between their bodies to grasp Brian’s cock. Brian groaned loudly and pushed his hips forward to meet Ben’s desperately. His hands slid across his back, clinging onto his shoulder blades as he pulled their two bodies closer together. They moved seamlessly, two entities becoming one in a symphony of noise and delirium. Ben could feel himself drawing closer and he thrust harder and faster with a renewed passion. His whole body began to tingle and he threw himself forward onto Brian, slamming into his arse mercilessly. Brian gasped at the intense sensations flowing through his body as he built up to a second release. The blood in his ears was pounding and all he could see was Ben writhing above him. Ben opened his eyes and locked his gaze onto Brian’s. They watched each other as they came, total bliss and satisfaction washing over their expressions. Brian shot his load onto his stomach as Ben came deep inside him, their bodies mingling as one in a final, furious release of noise and passion. They fell into each others arms, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat yet extremely content. Ben pulled out of Brian gently, and threw the used condom in the bin. He settled back down next to him, pulling the covers over them and wrapping his arm around his small waist.

“I love you.” He murmured as he kissed his neck.

“I love you too.” Brian replied, pushing backwards against Ben’s warm body and closing his eyes.
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