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bri/stef lovers

You have reached placebobitch's creative journal. It will be full of band fanfiction and random pieces of artwork. There will be lots of slash and sexual encounters. None of the people in my stories belong to me with the exception of Ben, Clémantine, Marguerite and Claude. I only write for fun and the enjoyment of others, so please don't sue me!



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bri/stef lovers
Title: Shopping
Fandom: Placebo
Pairing: Bri/OC
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This is the result from a fic writing challenge between myself and ultra_pink. The rules were: Choose one pairing to go shopping and try clothes on. Must include a skirt and a mad fangirl. Read her entry here

Brian clasped his boyfriend’s hand tightly as they hurried through the busy streets. It was so cold his breath was misting in front of his face, and for once he was glad he had dressed warmly. It had been Brian’s idea that morning to go out early and shop in the new year sales, an idea that Ben hadn’t seemed too keen on. But as the day went on Ben’s enthusiasm for shopping seemed to have grown, and now it was him pulling Brian around the various shops like an excited child. Although to be fair Ben was being the perfect gentleman and carrying all the bags. They came to a halt outside a trendy looking clothes shop and Brian noted some nice outfits in the front window.
“In here?” Ben asked, pausing before he walked through the entrance.
“Sure.” Brian smiled as he followed him inside. The warmth seeped into their skin as they entered, thawing out their frozen hands. Ben glanced around the shop before spotting something that obviously caught his interest.
“I’m just going to go over there.. I’ll be right back.” he said mysteriously as he bounded off through the racks of clothing.
“What are you up to?” Brian asked curiously, but his words went unheard as Ben was already at the back of the shop. Brian smiled to himself and walked along the side, looking at a display of new designer shirts. They had been on a bit of a spending spree that day, buying anything that took their fancy. Pretty soon their bags were full of clothes, cds, dvds and other various items.

Brian searched through a sale clothes rack, picking out a very nice lilac shirt that he was sure would look perfect on Ben. He smiled to himself as he browsed around for some jeans to go with the shirt, but was stopped by a tapping on his shoulder. He turned around to find a girl with red hair clutching a camera and a piece of paper.
“Brian Molko?!” she asked excitedly, thrusting the paper and a pen in his direction. “Could you sign this please?”
Brian sighed and took the objects good naturedly, forcing a smile onto his face as he scribbled his signature onto the paper.
“Here you go.” he smiled as he handed them back.
“Thanks! Could I have a photo maybe?” she asked, standing next to him and holding a camera in front of their faces. Brian had barely nodded a yes when she pressed the shutter and he was blinded by a bright light. Dazzled, he nodded as she gabbled incoherently about something. Suddenly he jumped as someone right behind him shouted his name. He turned around to find Ben, a massive grin on his face and holding a very short skirt in his hands.
“Hey babe, I found something for you to try on.” he winked, obviously not noticing the fan girl next to Brian.

“Ooh is that your boyfriend Brian? Are you still wearing skirts?!” the girl squealed rabidly, now deafening Brian as well as blinding him. Before either of them could comment, she had taken a picture of the pair.
“Come on..” Brian muttered to Ben, grabbing his arm and striding over to the dressing rooms. They ducked into a changing booth quickly and closed the curtain, praying that the mad girl wouldn’t think to follow them in.
“Anyway.. as I was saying before that nutter interrupted me..” Ben breathed a sigh of relief, motioning to the skirt he held in his hands, “I was thinking you might want to try this on. For me.”
“Ok, I’ll try it on” Brian agreed straight away, surprising Ben.
“Except you have to try one on too.” he grinned wickedly. Ben froze, caught between the desire to see his gorgeous boyfriend in a short skirt, and the humiliation of trying one on himself.
“Oh go on.” Brian pleaded with a smirk on his face. Ben considered his options for a moment, before eventually deciding that he could make the small sacrifice.
“Ok.” he nodded, watching as Brian excitedly bounded out of the changing room to find a skirt. He quickly returned, clutching a black pvc miniskirt. Ben stared at it, wide-eyed as Brian was already pulling his own jeans off.
“Come on Ben, you agreed. Now try it on.” he grinned as he handed it to Ben. Ben just rolled his eyes and pondered on the things he did for his cock.

Two minutes later and they were both dressed, Brian in a simple short black skirt with zips up each side, and Ben looking very uncomfortable in his pvc miniskirt. Brian had to bite his lip to stop himself giggling.
“I look stupid.” Ben protested.
“That’s only because you are wearing a shirt with it.. you need something more appropriate..” Brian decided, dashing out of the changing room again before Ben could say anything.
“Can I help you madam?” Came the sales assistants voice.
“Oh er no.. I’m fine thanks.” Brian replied as he wandered off into the distance.
He soon reappeared hiding a top behind his back.
“What have you got?” Ben asked suspiciously, expecting the worst after the miniskirt.
“Ah ah,” Brian scolded, waving his finger, “Close your eyes and lift your arms up.”
Ben sighed and then did as he was told, feeling Brian slip his shirt off and pull another top over his head.
“All done.” Brian grinned as he turned Ben towards the mirror. Ben opened his eyes slowly and gasped at what he saw in the reflection.

Brian had chosen to team his pvc miniskirt with a lurid pink strapless top.
“I look.. Fucking ridiculous.” Ben spluttered as Brian smiled at him.
“I think you look incredibly sexy.” Brian purred, causing Ben to glance down at him. He had also changed his top, and was now wearing a short black top with safety pins holding it together at the sides. Ben was speechless as he gazed at him.
“You… oh.. have to buy that.” he muttered. Brian turned in front of the mirror, grinning at him.
“It looks quite nice doesn’t it.” he said, receiving a fervent nod from Ben.
“Maybe I should buy it…” he teased as he checked out his arse in the reflection. Ben just nodded some more.
“I think I will.” Brian decided quickly, pausing to gaze up at his boyfriend. “Only if you buy that.”
“Fine.. but do I have to wear it?” Ben asked exasperatedly.
“Yep. Out of the shop.” Brian grinned evilly. Ben felt all the colour drain out of his face at the words.
“No.” he said firmly.
“Fine. Then I won’t buy this.” Brian declared, starting to take the skirt back off.
“No wait..” Ben grabbed his arm to stop him. “Maybe I could.. If we took a cab back?”
“Sure, I’ll even wear mine with you, we can look gorgeous together.” Brian beamed. Slowly, hesitantly, Ben nodded his head, wondering what he had got himself into.

Brian walked out of the shop with a massive smile on his face, swinging the bag containing his old clothes as he headed for the nearest cab. Ben quickly followed him out, nearly falling over in his hurry to get home without being seen. It was freezing and it didn’t really help that all he was wearing was a miniskirt and a strapless top. Brian however seemed unaffected by the temperature. He was just about to hail a cab when a loud scream made him jump. They both turned around to see the mad fan girl from earlier grabbing her camera and taking pictures of them. Ben blushed furiously and almost dived into the nearest cab, dragging Brian with him. Brian collapsed giggling onto the seat as they told the driver where to go.
“That wasn’t funny.” Ben said, pouting slightly.
“Oh god it was, you should have seen your face when she started taking pictures!” Brian cackled.
“Well I’m glad you find my embarrassment amusing.” Ben huffed as his boyfriend continued to giggle beside him.
“Aww I’ll make it up to you later.” Brian soothed as he wrapped his arms around Ben’s shoulders.
“Oh?” Ben asked, various kinky ideas springing into his mind.
“Yeh, I’ll buy you a nice new skirt.”
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